Top 3 questions to ask a SEO company

Finding a good #SEO company to perform SEO services is vital to increase your site’s traffic. However, it may not be an easy task to find the right SEO company that helps you to achieve your goals. With hundreds of SEO companies claiming to offer the best SEO services, where do you even start?


It is important to narrow your choices down to a few SEO companies you like to work with as you will be working with them in the long term. Doing your homework is also vital to success. We have compiled a short list of the top 3 questions you should always ask SEO companies when conducting your research.

  1. How will your SEO company improve my site’s ranking?

A good SEO company will identify the best keywords to target rather than selecting random keywords therefore having an SEO strategy is important. This includes keyword research where groups of search terms that people enter into search engines are founded. Research is important to achieve better rankings.

Having a good website infrastructure is also important for SEO success. A good SEO company will assist your site to ensure the pages are search engine friendly to ensure the best possible chances of a good ranking.

SEO works by building links to your website to improve the rankings. When your website is being linked from other web pages, search engines view this as a positive thing.This is important as search engines will better rank your website.When considering an SEO consultant, ask how the links will work as the quality of the links are vital. Be warned when an SEO company offers hundreds of links for low prices. These are typically scam companies that offer low quality links that do not good to your site in the long term. One high quality link is always better than hundreds of low quality links.

All good SEO companies have a strategy as targeting random keywords means you will never see consistency in traffic. Also, be wary of SEO companies which charges prices that are too good to be true as these are usually of poor quality.

2) Do you follow Google’s SEO practices?

It is important to keep Google happy and never violate google’s guidelines. Ensure your SEO consultant is familiar with Google’s guidelines or otherwise theymay be violating guidelines without knowing. When Google’s best practices are not followed, sites will be penalised leading to traffic lost.

When choosing an SEO company, always be mindful of companies who provide deceptive services that fool search engines leading to your website being banned as a result. Asking the right question can prevent employing deceptive firms in the first place.

3) Do you guarantee a number 1 ranking for a search term?

SEO can increase your site’s traffic and improve rankings but it is not possible to guarantee a number one ranking with certain keywords. A good SEO company will not guarantee your site remains number one for a number of reasons. It is important to bear in mind that firms who offer guaranteed SEO are usually scams that want to make quick cash. Google’s webmaster guidelines explicitly states:

‘No one can guarantee a #1 on #Google’

Search engines warn against these claims therefore, firms promising guaranteed SEOs are not familiar with Google’s guidelines and should be avoided. This is the easiest question to test whether an SEO company is legitimate or a scam salesmen.

Investing in SEO is important considering 94% of consumers search the internet before buying a product or service. These consumers tend to click on the web pages at the top of the search engine results as these are usually the most relevant. Studies have shown if your website is not at the top, it may be difficult to reach your customers online. Hiring a legitimate SEO company is also just as important. Hiring the wrong company could result in your site being blacklisted for violating Google’s guidelines.

Whilst we can improve your site’s ranking at #Radawebs, we will never guarantee you a number one ranking as no one knows the exact Google algorithm to keep the top space indefinitely. We are happy to answer any questions you may have before choosing us. We understand that choosing the right SEO company can be stressful at times and we want to make it as simple as possible for you. Why not contact us today for a free SEO consultation and get started

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